ECC802S-12AU7WA TELEFUNKEN Diamond NOS-NIB - Pair (v118 - v122)

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ECC802S_TELEFUNKEN v118 - 122

MATCHED PAIR ECC802S-12AU7WA TELEFUNKEN Germany Diamond NOS-NIB, THE TOP ! Balanced Triodes for Ip & Gm, codes U8101101B - 332-482 on top, 3 ribbed Grey Plates, O Getter, in original gummed paper sealed box, carefully opened to verify the integrity and make the necessary measurements but completely resealable as original see images (v118 - v122)


These are NOS Tubes (New from Old Stock no longer in production)almost certainly already tested in the factory at the time but before the sale they are tested by us one by one, to do this we use our TTA (the warmer) that allows us to heat up to 20 valves simultaneously and then perform the measurements with the "Characteristic Meter Avo VCM 163 "so the heating time will be the same for the whole lot in order to obtain precise and reliable relative numbers for the subsequent selection made with a software developed by us that compares all the values ​​of Ip and Gm of the whole lot (80 total measurements for 20 tubes lot) and extrapolates the singles, the pairs, the triplett, the quartets to various tolerances.

consider that for each Tube (double triode) there are four measurements to be agreed (Ip and Gm for each triode) so for the pair of Tubes the measurements are well EIGHT "

For traceability the Tubes are individually numbered on bulb/base and inside the box, other numbers that you read inside the box are NOT the values ​​but are our references for recording the measurements on our archive.

For information we specify that the measurements are performed at constant Va, therefore having Ip and Gm within certain tolerances, also the Ra and the μ will be similar.


ECC802S_TELEFUNKEN v118 - 122

Data sheet

Burned, Tested & Selected by Audiokit with TTA+ AVO VCM 163 + Matching Software developed by us
Update at 1 March 2019 MZ
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