Uscita Valvolari Push Pull

All OPTs are built in our dual coil single C-core style and can be ordered with a choice of core air-gap for Push-Pull or Single-Ended applications. Most of our OPTs can be configured for different primary and secondary impedances.
The use of C-cores with well-defined air-gap results in an almost constant inductance throughout the whole operating voltage range. For SE transformers, the primary inductance variation due to signal level is less than 7%.

Most of the transformers below are available with amorphous iron C-cores. The amorphous cores are considered to have sonic advantages, but the signal level capability with amorphous core is about 30% less than with a conventional silicon-iron C-core.

Trasformatori Lundahl di uscita potenza per amplificatori valvolari Push Pull

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LL1679 Lundahl Output Transformer (see Datasheet for more info)
  • NON disponibile al momento

LL1679AM PP Lundahl Output...

391,80 €
Amorphous core. Trasformatore di uscita con nucleo amorfoSPECIFICARE la configurazione di base primari/secondari nel campo commenti relativo...

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