Tubes Running Production

Running production Tubes, carefully tested and matched by Us. Electro Harmonix, Electro Harmonix Gold, Genalex Gold Lion, Tung Sol, Sovtek, Shuguang
Preamplifier Tubes, power Tubes, rectifier Tubes
. Burn-in test and matching

Audiokit does Test, stabilization, measurement and matching of incoming tubes before sell them. Pentodes and power triodes tubes are already matched and labeled by the factory, but we use to test and stabilize them once more. We do the matching (after all tests) on signal triodes, a number is reported on the box, 

Running Production Tubes

Svetlana S Logo

Svetlana Electron Device S Logo (New Sensor Made in...

EX STOCK (Various Brands)

EX STOCK Tubes, The last units available !

Bugle Boy

Taken from both NOS and newly manufactured tubes...

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805A-T PSVANE Pair Factory Test Certified
  • -€100.00

805A-T PSVANE Pair Factory...

€145.90 €245.90 -€100.00
MATCHED PAIR 805A-T Psvane, codes 40276-40277, 2011 production year, in original gift box with Factory Test Certified --- THE LAST PAIR AVAILABLE...
  • Out-of-Stock

12AX7- ECC83- B759 Gold...

Matched PAIR Tubes 12AX7- ECC83- B759 Gold Pins Genalex TOP QUALITY (ATTENTION ! is not the standard Genalex cheap pin gold version)
300B-98 Shuguang Single
  • -€35.00
  • Out-of-Stock

300B-98 Shuguang Single

€30.57 €65.57 -€35.00
SINGLE 300B Shuguang, 5 ribbed light Black Plate, O-O base Getter, (Ip66mA - gm5,2 ma/V  with Va 400V e  Vg -78V) in original Box --- ONLY ONE...
300B EH Gold Single
  • -€35.00
  • Out-of-Stock

300B EH Gold Single

€38.77 €73.77 -€35.00
SINGLE 300B Electro Harmonix Gold, (Pin NOT gold due to socket assembly mistake)  (Ip71mA - gm5,7 ma/V  with Va 400V e  Vg -78V) in scatola...

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